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An enthusiastic young team with presence in Europe, South East Asia and Australia.


We are all about good food and our focus is the sourcing of food and drink products of superior quality from reputable suppliers in European countries primarily Eastern European and the Balkans region. Regions that are famous for their unique food & beverage offering.


We are proactively on the lookout with the aim of discovering new quality products in order to provide everyday consumers, be it in Macau or Australia, with better choices at much more affordable prices.
Our commitment to finding only the best is paramount and the motto of our endeavor.

We want to show the world that great & tasty products are still out there for the consumer to enjoy at affordable prices.


我們是來自歐州,東南亞和澳大利亞的熱情的團隊 。






A collection of recipes to fire your cooking creativity.



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Food is a lifestyle

Good food takes time “taking the time to think about what you want to cook, recognizing the seasons, enjoying shopping for beautiful produce, and finally experiencing the wonderful feeling that you get sitting down and enjoying good food and great friends and loved ones.” [Neil Perry]


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