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Korca Beer


The city of Korca is part of the Mediterranean uphill area, situated in the south-eastern part of Albania.
One of the most important cities in the small country of Albania, at the foot of the Morava Mountain at 869 metres above the sea level. Populated for over 3000 years it was ruled by the Illyrian dynasty until year 650BC it is considered as the city of museums.
In modern times it is recognised as the town of intellectuals, artists and poets. Characterized by wide boulevards with many cafes it is considered the “Albanian Paris”. The atmosphere in Korca is that of a cultural town with well-finished architecture and peculiar museums, a city with stone cobbled streets which can remind you of last-century Paris and its cultural swarm.
With the approval of Albanian King Zog 1st, Birra Korca is the very first Albanian Brewery opened in 1928.
It was the dream of the Italian Umberto Uberti (Birra Peroni) who was very passionate about Korca & its rare water quality and Selim Mboria (Albanian Investor). The projected production capacity was planned for 20,000 hl per year.
During the communist rule in Albania Birra Korca became property of the Albanian State which invested in reconstructions and renovations in 1955, 1957 & 1965 in order to increase production.
Since 2004 Birra Korca belongs to HB Group which has invested 15Million EURO to renovate and renew the brewery. Since then the brewery has undergone a deep technological and architectural reconstruction which has transformed the brewery into the pride of the entire region. Using latest Czech & Italian technology it currently brews 120,000 hl of beer annually and it is very quality oriented. The end results are products of superior quality.
Its main secret ingredient that makes Korca a unique beer is the water that comes from the natural springs on Morava Mountain, a mountain visible in all its majestic beauty from the brewery’s yard.
Birra Korca makes Blonde beer and it is also the only brewery in South Eastern Europe to make dark beer, the region’s famous Korca Dark.

Birra Korca holds an annual beerfest during the month of August which is the biggest in the region which attracts a large number of Albanians and tourists from all over the world.
Birra Korca holds several quality awards dating back from Thessaloniki (Greece) in 1928 all the way to London (UK) in 2007 awarded International Quality Crown in Golden Category, Frankfurt (Germany) again Birra Korca was awarded the International Arch of Europe Award in Diamond Category competing against 178 countries.

Korca Beer


Korca Blonde (Euro Pale Lager) 5% abv
Clear Golden Colour Soft & fine head with a light malt flavour. Characteristic aroma and flavour of hops and a pleasurable bitterness.

Produced with quality malt from selected barley, light water and a pleasing balance of varieties of aromatic and bitter hops. It contains no additives.
KORÇA blonde beer type Pilsen is produced by the method and special Dekoksjonit . Beer " Korca" Beer is a very qualitative , and evaluations based on multiple of foreign beer manufacturer or specialists in the field . Its specific characteristics , such as liquor within the standard rate , aroma , buketi quite good, viscosity dedicated high production standards .
It is 100 % malt beer .
Korca Black (Euro Dark Lager) 5-5.2% abv
Dark Brown to Dark Red with a full head
Characteristic malt flavour with tinge of caramel and roasted malt for a balanced taste & aroma of hops and not too bitter.
Produced with a unique combination of 4 selected malts, light water and a variety of aromatic and bitter hops which gives this beer it’s unique taste with a light distinguished caramelized taste.
It contains no additives.
This is a unique beer variety for Albania & the whole Balkans region as it doesn’t resemble any other beers in terms of taste and aroma.
While the color of the beer is completely dark ( black ) , which is significantly different from other beers . This beer is more viscous and more specific bread and quite admirable .
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