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EHW Ham with chicken fillet

Ham with chicken fillet. Confectioner with chicken breast only, it has a very delicate taste.It provides low calories and is consumed sliced. This product is frequently used in sandwiches and plates of antipasti. 

Ingredients: chicken breast, salt and natural herbs, stabilizers and preservers.

EHW Baked Ham 

A selected product prepared with the best part of a pork joint. Consumed cold in slices. You can have it on a slice of bread or in a sandwich. It is tasty, light and suitable to be eaten at any time.Finely sliced, it creates the most perfect plate of antipast.Ingredients: Selected pork, salt and natural herbs, antioxidants, stabilizers, and preservers/conservers. stabilizers, antioxidants and preservers.
This salami has already become traditional and is highly in demand by children and adults alike.A slice of “Parizer” makes the plate of antipasti valuable. Much tastier does it become when grilled orstuffed in a warm sandwich.
Ingredients: Beef and pork, salt, natural herbs, milk proteins, antioxidants, stabilizers, and preservers/conservers.

EHW Parizer Salami


EHW Milan, Turist, Saxony & Koch  Salami

They are traditional German and Italian salami, seasoned after being baked. They can be consumed cold in plates of antipasti, but they become much tastier when slightly grilled. They are the most important products needed in picas.
Ingredients: Selected pork, salt and special salami flavor, antioxidants and preservers.

EHW Crudo Salami



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