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Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Lying just across the Adriatic from Italy and just north of Greece, the Albanian coast, known in ancient Greece and Rome as Illyria (ih-leer-ee-uh), and a Mediterranean country where olive tree is though to have originated has been producing olive oil for over 2500 years, supplying oil to the Caesars of Rome.

Albania's temperate Mediterranean climate and hilly, gravelly terrain provide the perfect growing conditions for its abundant olive groves and its coastline is home to olive varietals that grow nowhere else in the world.

The Kalinjot (kal-ee-nyot) olive -- the single, bright green varietal from
which our oil is pressed -- is one such olive.

Albania is rich with more than 28 varieties grown throughout the country. The nine most cultivated are Kalinjot, Kokerrmadh i Beratiti, Frantoio, Kokerrmadh Elbasani, Mixan, Ulli i Bardhe Tiranes, Nisiot and Ulli i Holle i Himares. With the exception of the Frantoio variety introduced from Italy, the other eight most commonly grown varieties are native to Albania. The two leaders are “Kalinjot”, which covers about 40% of the total plantations for oil and table use; and “Kokermadh i Beratit”, representing approximately 21% of table olives.
The interaction of the Albanian varieties with the local environment (soil, climate, altitude) and cultural practices results in the special characteristics and tastes distinctive to the oils produced in various regions of throughout Albania.

Because political and ethnic strife has kept Albania closed to the world market for so much of its recent history, its extraordinary olive oil has been unavailable outside of Albania until now. 

Good Food Macau thus has the exciting distinction of not just being the only Kalinjot olive oil you will be able to taste, but being the first and only Albanian olive oil you can find in Asia, Australia.

Shkalla Sh.


Extra Gold Producer

Factory production of olive oil firm "Shkalla Sh." is located 6 km away in the center of Tirana.
It's a family business, its family history begins 100 years ago where the family oil mill grident olives for the  village Farke. During the communist regime the trees where returned to the communist state. Activity resumed in 1996 with the support of the German GTZ. The line was purchased from Italy PIERALISI firm capacity 400kg olives per hour. In 2005 new investments to replace this with a modern line "MOD 3 TG Panorama" with a capacity of 900-1400 kg / hour again by the firm known PERALISI Italy. SCALE firm produces high-quality oil. Since 2001 it started production of olive certification bio. 2003 has started direct export to Switzerland. Part of the success of the firm support she has been operating in Albania projects like the German GTZ, SBCA / USAID, SASA / SDC Switzerland.

Musai Olive Oil


Extra Gold Producer

Musai Olive Oil Ltd is one of the highest quality olive oil producers in Albania since 1995. It is managed by Vesaf Musa and it is located in the southern district of Vlora.

The main focus of the company has been high quality olive oil: our product is certified by ICEA as organic olive oil. The company processes only organically grown olives from Vlora, one of the richest areas in the olive groves in country.

We have continuously improved our Olive Oil facility and product quality over the past 16 years. With equipment supplied by Alfalaval, the leading Italian supplier, Vesaf Musai has upgraded Musai Olive Oil Ltd production capacity and increased its output.

Currently, Musai Olive Oil Ltd can produce up to 100 tons of oil in a season (October-December) and this equipment can process up to 1000kg olives per hour.

Our company is a member of the Association for Organic Agriculture and it cooperates actively with business associations, development projects and consultants. Constant learning and excellence in quality characterize Musai Olive Oil Ltd.
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